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Singing as Knowing: Why your Voice Matters

20 Nov 2020

Actor, singer and teacher, Emma Bonnici has worked with multi-award winning and internationally renowned performance and dance companies as well as acting schools in her native England and internationally. Key collaborations include Song of the Goat Theatre (Teatr Pieśń Kozła), Clod Ensemble, Fabien Prioville Dance Company, Two Women Machine Show, Mechanimal, Manchester Metropolitan University and Cabuia Teatro. Emma teaches performance, voice and movement and the seeds of her work are sown in the soil of Jerzy Grotowski inspired Polish physical theatre and its approaches towards integrity of performance, polyphonic music and the ancient power and stories of music rooted in people, landscape and ancient traditions.

To apply for this webinar, please send a very short bio and describe in c.300 words what inspires you to take part.


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