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Passion for art

At O/Modernt we are always plotting a wide range of activities, pursuing our mission to break down boundaries and celebrate connectivity in and through the arts.
O/Modernt is made possible by a wonderful family of supporters, friends, and volunteers, young and old, and we would love to welcome you to the family.

If you are passionate about the work we are doing you can support in many different ways:

Sponsoring us
Joining our Family of Friends and Volunteers
Making a one-off donation

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Experience with us the shared joys of musical and artistic togetherness!
I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things. —Mother Teresa

and support

  • Festival O/Modernt
  • O/Modernt Chamber Orchestra & Soloists
  • Educational & outreach projects
  • Commissions, publications & recordings
  • Concert tickets for underprivileged groups

Benefits of being a Friend

  • Discounted tickets and priority booking
  • Invitations to exclusive events and dinners
  • Personal mention on the webpage and in the Festival booklet
  • Free or discounted O/Modernt CDs and publications
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and help with

  • Artist lifts
  • Circulating flyers and posters
  • Gathering groups to attend concerts
  • Welcoming with smiles

We thank our volunteers with

  • Discounted tickets
  • Invitation to annual volunteer party
  • Barbro & Bernard Osher
  • Denise & Stefan Persson
  • Elisabeth & Gustav Douglas
  • Kristina & Jean Nicou
  • Nina Balabina
  • Peder Wallenberg
  • Annika Lönn
  • Elisabet and Bertil Oppenheimer
  • Geraldine Ng
  • Kirsti Johnsson
  • Lars Werner
  • Lilian and Anders Nordström
  • Per Lindvall
  • Barbro & Göran Svensson
  • Birgitta Strandvik
  • Catherine Hannaford Sevastik
  • Liljana Kocoska-Maras
  • Nils Ohlson & Karin Nordh
  • Anne and Karl Sjölund
  • Ingela and Per-Olof Björk
  • Kinna & Jan Lundin
  • Kristofer Jonatansson
  • Margareta & Börje Risinggård
  • Monika Hammar Granberg
  • Yoko & Björn Johnsson
  • Ebba Nordström
  • Elisabeth Beijer Meschke
  • Gunnar Karlsson
  • Håkan Stolpe
  • Hans Bjerhag
  • Karin Willberg
  • Maj Stolpe
  • Maria Jerkland Åberg
  • Marie Wallin
  • Per-Olof Fjällström
  • Eva & Jan Berzelius
  • Peter Lamming
  • Hanna Olson Nordh
  • Tamas Bakai
  • Clare Barnes
  • Margareta Söderberg
  • Therese Täckenström
  • Oskar Bergh
  • Rode Gustavsson
  • Lovisa Florin Holmsten
  • Sophia Loth
  • Mikael Georgii
  • Härved Hellichius
  • Hannah von Bergen
  • Elise Vats-Jonsson
  • Christina Dahlström
  • Barbro Johansson
  • Alexandra Solntseva
  • Soondely Dejesus Wang
  • Anna Rydh
  • Helena Pellbäck
  • Elisabet & Bertil Oppenheimer
  • Ami-Louise & Björn Johnson
  • Yuka, Jack & Mark Bank
  • Rita Hugues Söderbaum
  • Maja Källström
Join a community of like-minded people!

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