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O/Modernt curated concert series at the Queen Silvia Concert Hall

O/Modernt and Lilla Akademien

A shared philosophy of creative learning

Curated series at the Queen Silvia Concert Hall

Financial support by the City of Stockholm and Region Stockholm

O/Modernt and Lilla Akademien echo the ideals of the ancient Greek academies, nurturing the artists of tomorrow to become what the Greek philosophers called 'musicians' – honest, responsible, tolerant, cultured, intellectually open and creative members of society. Lilla Akademien's holistic education, with music as its beating heart, forms the bedrock that allows students to excel in a wide range of careers in music and in other fields. In a similar spirit, music is for O/Modernt a way of exploring connections between diverse cultures: a dialogue between all genres and styles of art, past and present.

O/Modernt deepens and expands the education offered by Lilla Akademien. While many of O/Modernt's players and associated artists, including both young and internationally established musicians, are graduates of Lilla Akademien, O/Modernt's extensive musical activities transform the exceptional education offered at the school into a lived reality on the stage of life.

O/Modernt and Lilla Akademien are excited to embrace the new performance and educational opportunities that the Queen Silvia Concert Hall makes possible. O/Modernt's world-class reputation and connections will foster new international collaborations, while its adventurous and innovative programming and educational agenda will help to establish the hall as one of Europe's most creative and progressive cultural spaces. Joint activities include:

Artist residences where internationally acclaimed artists spend longer periods with students, both performing and teaching.

Open masterclasses and workshops where mentors and students explore musical works from diverse perspectives.

Lectures by leading artists and thinkers that explore a wide range of thought-provoking and inspiring subjects.

Chamber music open rehearsals and concerts where mentors and students perform together.

O/Modernt New Genereation Winter Festival that gives new generation of musicians an opportunity to perform in O/Modernt’s trademark innovative programmes.

All these shared activities and creative projects provide both O/Modernt and Lilla Akademien with an exciting opportunity to further open up the musical world to aspiring young musicians as well as to general public, creating an open space that enables to forge connections and relationships beyond the music.

If you are passionate about work that we do at the Queen Silvia Concert Hall, you can join the O/Modernt family of Friends and support us in different ways. Discover more here

I am confident that in time Lilla Akademien will become a beacon of artistic and academic excellence, setting an example for other countries. Such a haven where music is played for love is much needed in the world of today. — Arvo Pärt
O/Modernt exudes creativity from every pore. — Dagens Nyheter
The Queen Silvia Concert Hall - an architectural embodiment of the philosophy shared by Lilla Akademien and O/Modernt
The Queen Silvia Concert Hall - an architectural embodiment of the philosophy shared by Lilla Akademien and O/Modernt <br>
The Queen Silvia Concert Hall - an architectural embodiment of the philosophy shared by Lilla Akademien and O/Modernt

The Queen Silvia Concert Hall was designed by the renowned Italian architect Giorgio Palù, in partnership with the world-leading Japanese acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota. Palù and Toyota previously collaborated on the Auditorium Arvedi at the Museo del Violino in Cremona (inaugurated in 2013), while Toyota has designed the acoustics for numerous celebrated concert halls around the world, including the Walt Disney Hall in Los Angeles and the Pierre Boulez Saal in Berlin.

Like the halls in Cremona and Berlin, the Queen Silvia Concert Hall has a non-traditional performance area that places the performers in the middle of the audience. The relatively unadorned performance space at Lilla Akademien is open to the natural Scandinavian light that shifts dramatically with the seasons and the time of day. The hall can also be magically darkened and artfully lighted to enhance the musical experience.

Embracing the challenges of the present, the designers took the opportunity to reinvent the traditional auditorium as an adaptable, contemporary space capable of multiple uses. The layout harnesses the subtleties of sound and light, shaping the hall as a flexible concert and rehearsal venue. It forms a perfect resonating instrument for sensitive young voices, smaller orchestras and choirs, vibrant jazz ensembles and the speaking voice, while also allowing larger formations to perform there. In addition, the hall functions as a virtual entity, using state-of-the-art technology to host international events, rehearsals, concerts and masterclasses, as well as lectures and symposia.

With a full capacity of up to 300 people (including performers and audience), the Queen Silvia Concert Hall is the new educational centre at Lilla Akademien and the natural extension of O/Modernt’s creative activities. It is a beautiful and innovative multi-purpose space for musical encounters that aims to be at the cutting edge of inclusive cross-border artistic integration. The hall will be a hub of musical and educational exchange without physical barriers, connecting Lilla Akademien and O/Modernt with a worldwide network of leading artists and arts organisations. Channelling the unrivalled power of music, the Queen Silvia Concert Hall will become a sounding room for an interconnected world.

Peteris Vasks Festival | 14 − 15 October 2023
Peteris Vasks Festival | 14 − 15 October 2023


O/Modernt Soloists:


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O/Modernt New Generation Winter Festival <br> | 8 − 11 February 2024
O/Modernt New Generation Winter Festival
| 8 − 11 February 2024

Artists (i.a.)

FLEUR BARRON mezzo-soprano
JOHAN BRIDGER percussions

Programme TBA

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​Ema Nikolovska and Alasdair Beatson Residency  | 23 – 24 April 2024
​Ema Nikolovska and Alasdair Beatson Residency | 23 – 24 April 2024

Programme TBA

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