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Schubert and the Sound of Memory

11 - 16 June 2021


In Romantic art the fragment supplants the polished whole as a metaphor for both the creative process and the work of art, for whereas the finished piece imposes its own limits, the sketch and the shard release the imagination. Inviting you to fill the gaps, the unfinished artwork takes as its subject the sensibility of the appreciative listener, viewer or reader. The final concert in O/Modernt’s decennial season showcases two of the most significant unfinished works in western music: Schubert’s eighth symphony, inexplicably discontinued in 1822, and Mozart’s Requiem, cut short by the composer’s untimely death.

Artists to include
Edvard Greig Kor
Hugo Ticciati, Conductor
O/Modernt Chamber Orchestra


FRANZ SCHUBERT Symphony No. 8 in B Minor D 759 (‘Unfinished’)

Duration 2.5 hours

Hugo Ticciati violin
Hugo Ticciati
Hugo Ticciati

Hugo Ticciati is blessed to be doing what he loves every day of his life – that is, making music. His old Italian violin takes him around the world to fantastic orchestras in gorgeous concert halls; it brings him together with the most inspiring artists to create music in beautiful festivals; and it sparks new creations from young composers. In his teaching Hugo explores ways to apply the physical and spiritual aspects of mindfulness to the art of practising, playing and living in music. One of the highlights of the past year was a two-week stay in an ashram at the foot of the Himalayas where he chanted every morning, meditated and swept the floors by day and in the evenings sat crossed-legged by a fire, playing Bach to barefooted monks. His musical tastes have swung dramatically during the year from contemplative Indian ragas to the megalomaniac rock-band Muse (played at high volumes) to the songs of Richard Strauss (played even louder). Hugo still lives in the blissful state of mobilephonelessness. His staple reading is the Bhagavad Gita but he has recently been captivated by the work of the French philosopher, Henri Bergson.

O/Modernt Chamber Orchestra string orchestra
O/Modernt Chamber Orchestra
O/Modernt Chamber Orchestra
string orchestra

O/Modernt is always searching for new ways to encourage the next generation of young musicians. We are delighted to have established the O/Modernt New Generation, which we will be launching in Stockholm on the 12th November. The initiative includes a Stockholm-based youth orchestra which will provide opportunities for instrumentalists to perform in concert alongside members from the O/Modernt Chamber Orchestra as well as world-class soloists. There will also be a series of international masterclasses, open rehearsals for young people and exchanges, with a focus on the UK throughout 2018. More information will follow about opportunities for young people to be involved in these wonderful activities.

join us in our musical remembrance of things past through Schubert Festival